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The COMPLETE S*H*L Experience! (The Entire League System In ONE Download! (BUNDLE)
Here's what you get:
The S*H*L Basic Edition 1.0 (Core Game Guidelines.)
The S*H*L Advanced Edition 2.0 (w/FREE Lifetime updates!)
5 Team Packs (That's 50 Ready-Made Teams!)
Box Score Sheet
Roster Sheet

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The S*H*L Basic Edition 1.0! (Core Game Guidelines.)
Everything you need to play basic games and run complete seasons!

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The S*H*L Advanced Edition 2.0! (w/FREE Lifetime updates!)
Bring YOUR League to an entirely different level!
The S*H*L Basic Edition 1.0 is required to use this expansion.*

$8.75 | Now only---> $5.75 !!!

*If you've already purchased the Basic Edition and later decide you want the Advanced Edition, then choose the Bundle. You'll get the Advanced Edition at a discounted price!!!

Actual League Standings from a full 26 Game Season using the Basic Edition:

To view the entire spreadsheet, CLICK HERE.

FREE Download The S*H*L - "Look-See" Edition to get a feel as to how the game is played. FREE

FREE Download The S*H*L - Box Score Sheet to record the results from your games. FREE

FREE Download The S*H*L - Roster Sheet to more easily identify players during a game. FREE

FREE Download The S*H*L - Box Score & Roster Sheet together. (.zip) FREE

A brief analysis and explanation of The S*H*L as well as examples of
brilliant and clever Spreadsheet Add-ons created for the game by Paul Govier.
Be sure to to Paul's YouTube Channel!

--- Our "other" games... ---

S*H*L Summer/Fall 2022 Season
Starting - July 23, 2022 - Until - ???
Standings (As soon as some are compiled.)

LOTS of Special Thanks and Love go out to the people who have helped from the very beginning:
⭐ Pat Moran - For help with construction of the very first game board or "Stadium".

⭐ Bob Szczudlo (Head Coach & Owner - Boston Invaders)
⭐ Jim Norka (Head Coach & Owner - Colorado Grizzlies)
⭐ Cory Glasen (Head Coach & Owner - New York Avengers (Before they were relocated to New York.) ...and for many hours of playtesting.
⭐ Dave Gaubatz (Head Coach & Owner - Toronto Demons (Before they were relocated toToronto.)
⭐ Greg Hajduk (Head Coach & Owner - Quebec Puckers (Before they were relocated to Quebec.)
⭐ Phil Hajduk (Head Coach & Owner - Washington Stars (Before they were relocated to Washington.)
⭐ Pete McCormick
⭐ Scott Topor
⭐ Evelyn Gaubatz - For help with many player names.
⭐ Diane Hajduk - For help with many player names.
⭐ Tim Watson - For help with many player names.

The First S*H*L League

Alan Okkonnen
Justin Ezell

Pete Butkovic
Jason Ezell
Artie Ortiz
Larry Graves
Bob Johnson
Ralph Gomez
Kevin Welch


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